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Feeling stuck in your career?

I've been working in this company for years, I can't get the promotion I want because I'm not fluent in English. 

"I want to work in an international company, but my English isn't good enough."

"I want to expand my business, but I can't communicate in English properly. "

"I'm a freelancer and I'm good at my job, but I'm missing opportunities because  my English is too bad."

If any of these statements sounds like you, I can help! 


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Anahyse a été mon mentor et coach en langue anglaise. J'ai suivi ses cours en ligne à The Language Confidence Academy.

C'est un coach très sympa qui adapte toujours sa pédagogie aux besoins de ses apprentis. Chacun y trouve son compte et cela a été un réel plaisir de participer à ses sessions de coaching, toujours dans la bonne humeur. Si vous êtes intéressés par ses services et ses compétences, je vous la recommande vivement.

Ingénieur en électro-mécanique

I followed Anahyse's english courses for more than 3 months and I enjoyed her work and her method very much. Anahyse is a wonderful person with great professional consciousness, and who is a good listener.

I would definitely recommend her as a coach to any person who would like to improve their English level quickly and on a long-term basis. I followed her lessons and I gained more confidence in writing and speaking English during all the training.

Executive Assistant

Over the 7 months I was dealing with Anahyse I found her to be very honest and approachable. She is very professional, punctual and efficient.

She possesses excellent communication skills and exhibits a great deal of energy and passion for her job. I look forward to dealing with her again in the future. 

Olivier HUET des AUNAY
Head of Risk Engineering

20 ans que je prends des cours d'Anglais afin de pouvoir donner mes conférences dans la langue de Shakespeare...

J'ai rencontré des professeurs trop académiques, d'autres trop jeunes, d'autres trop "profs" et ne comprenant pas l'entreprise, j'en ai eu qui n'étaient pas pédagogues, et puis j'ai essayé les profs natifs ne parlant pas français, et puis... et puis... j'ai enfin rencontré Anahyse France il y a trois ans et je n'aurai plus jamais besoin de changer de coach! 

Motivational speaker, Best selling author

Dear Anahyse,

I would like to thank you very much for the high-quality coaching about job interviews! I really enjoyed working with you especially because you gave me the behavioural and the technical aspects of what recruiters expect from jobseekers.  I also liked the recorded videos that I could watch anytime.

I will recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and I wish you full success in your work.

Laetitia Pommepuy
Administrative Assistant

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