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Job Interview Mastery

A 9-step coaching program

to boost your confidence for your next job interviews.


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Is your English level an obstacle for your career?

Do you often feel like you're missing out opportunities because your level in English is too low?
Are you afraid to apply for jobs where fluent english is required? 
Have you ever missed a professional opportunity because of your bad English? 

Well, it doesn't have to be this way. 

With the proper coaching and training, you can gain the confidence you need to deliver a great interview and get your dream job. 


Is this program for you?

Job Interview Mastery is for you if:

✅  You're a currently a student and you're looking for an internship;

✅  You freshly graduated and you want to land your first job;

✅  You've been working in the same company for a while and you want to advance your career;

✅  You're looking for new job opportunities abroad or in an international company. 

✅  You're a recruiter and you want to be able to lead interviews in English. 




Self-study online course

✅ Video lessons
✅ Downloadable MP3 lessons
✅ Job interview preparation worksheets
✅ Job interview simulations 
❌ 6 job interview simulations with a private coach (45 minutes)
❌ Personalized advice
❌ Recordings  of your sessions
✅ Lifetime access



247 €

Online course + 3 private coaching sessions

✅ Video lessons
✅ Downloadable MP3 lessons
✅ Job Interview preparation worksheets
✅  3 Job Interview simulations with a private coach (1 hour)
✅  Personalized advice
✅  Recordings  of your sessions
✅ Lifetime access

Use your CPF !

If you live in France, you can use your CPF credit to pay for Job Interview MasterClass. 
For more information, send me an email at: [email protected]



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